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Barnett Buck Commander Compound Crossbow:
Overview: Features an aluminum flight rail, Barnett's Whiplash Cams combined with CrosswireŠ Strings and Cables providing for a faster, quieter more precise shot. Its patented shoot through foot stirrup allows for more power with a more compact fit.

Barnett Buck Commander Crossbow, Review:
 Our review of this crossbow did find that the Barnett Buck Commander Crossbow is a High Velocity Crossbow, with minimum Arrow Drop out to 40 yards. This crossbow did make its advertised velocity of 365 feet per second right out of the box and can quite easily exceed this velocity with minimum effort.

 The accuracy with well tuned arrows revealed that this crossbow quite easily grouped arrows at 75 yards with very acceptable hunting accuracy at that range, our 50 yard accuracy tests all had to be shot at individual 1 inch dots, groups were to tight. In our accuracy tests we do make use of levels on the scopes for fair evaluation of all crossbows. The crossbow arrows that we use are well tuned and set-up with a run-out gauge and they are all match weighted to within 1/10 of 1 grain. (There are 7,000 grains in a pound).

 Overall fit and finish of the Barnett Buck Commander Crossbow was very acceptable for the price range. I believe this is the best crossbow to date for Barnett, the reason I say this is simple it has high velocity combined with a short power-stroke of 14 inches which makes it easier to span. It also has the integral crank to cock option of Barnett Crossbows.

Barnett Buck Commander Crossbow, Features:
Barnsdale Laminated Limbs,
Barnett AVI, Noise Reduction of 20-30 Percent,
Aluminum Flight Rail,
Barnett Whiplash Cams,
Shoot-Through Foot Stirrup,
Barnett ADF, Anti-Dry-Fire Trigger System,
Reticle, Red-Green Dot Sight,
Ambidextrous Crank Attachment Built Into The Stock, (Crank Sold Seperately).

Barnett Buck Commander Crossbow, Specifications:
175 Pound Draw Weight,
14 Inch Power-Stroke,
Weight - 8.5 Pounds,
Length - 36.25 Inches,
Width - 24 Inches,
Arrow Length - 22 Inches,
Arrow Velocity - 365 Feet Per Second.

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