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Barnett Quad 400 Quad AVI Compound Crossbow:
Overview: See it on Redefined, the Quad 400 key design features have been changed and optimized to create the ultimate hunting crossbow. New features like the high density gas assist composite stock (a first in the industry), a thumbhole grip, and a 15 1/2 power stroke are combined with a parallel limb design.

Barnett Quad 400, AVI, Crossbow Review:
 Our review of this crossbow did find that the Barnett Quad 400, Quad AVI, Crossbow is a High Velocity Crossbow, with minimum Arrow Drop out to 35 yards. This crossbow did make its advertised velocity of 345 feet per second right out of the box and can quite easily exceed this velocity with minimum effort.

 As we tested the Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow and the Barnett Quad AVI Crossbow in our search for a difference between the two crossbows our tests of them revealed there is no difference in performance levels. The difference is only cosmetic, weight and noise with the Quad AVI quieter when an arrow is fired than the Quad 400.

 In our accuracy tests of the Barnett Quad 400 crossbow again coupled with the use of good optical sights and Beman ICS LightningBolt 22 inch arrows accuracy was well above board for a high velocity crossbow. All of our crossbow shooters with minimal range time were able to shoot 1 1/2 inch 3 shot groups at 35 yards.

 Some accuracy tests of the Barnett Quad 400 crossbow were conducted with random shooters with various skill levels of shooting, this was done for the simple reason we were looking for a crossbow that anyone with any knowledge of shooting would be successful with a crossbow for hunting or sporting purposes.

 The Barnett Quad 400 and Quad AVI crossbows were a good fit for me so I felt compelled to do a little range work with these crossbows from a benchrest at 50 yards, they shot within a 1 inch diameter sized target consistantly.
 (Very Accurate)!
Note: I used a scope level on the scopes to ensure shot to shot consistancy by eliminating canting of the crossbow which aided in my accuracy test.

 The Barnett Quad 400 and the Quad AVI crossbow accuracy tests yielded sub 2" groups at 60 yards, with 1 1/2" more the average than the exception. All accuracy tests were conducted using only the Barnett Rope Cocking Device, which reduces spanning of the crossbow by 50%.

 The Barnett Quad series of crossbows have been built and improved on for years, the Quad 300 was the fastest crossbow of its time and further building on that crossbow's platform we now have a new generation of Quad crossbows that are accurate, rugged and tough enough to get the job done, anywhere at anytime.

Barnett, Quad 400, Quad AVI, Crossbow Features:
Camouflage Finish,
GAM Composite Stock,
Quad Limb Design,
Patented AVI Limbs (Quad AVI Only),
4lb. Trigger Pull,
CNC Cam,
Synthetic Cable System,
Machined Scope Mount,
Ambidextrous Crank Attachment Built Into The Stock, (Crank Sold Seperately).

Barnett, Quad 400, Quad AVI, Crossbow Specifications:
150 Pound Draw Weight,
15.5 Inch Power-Stroke,
Weight - (Quad 400 - 8.5 Pounds), (Quad AVI - 9.7 Pounds),
Length - 37.0 Inches,
Width - 26.75 Inches,
Arrow Length - 22 Inches,
Arrow Velocity - 345 Feet Per Second.

Barnett, Quad 400, Quad AVI, Crossbow, take a look on Cabela's.
Note: All crossbow kits and packages below come with quiver and 4 arrows.

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