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Hunting Crossbows Power & Range:
 In this crossbow guide series we will review proper crossbow set-ups, arrow recommendations, broadhead recommendations, point blank range sight-ins, deer size animal shot placements and whether you should ground blind or treestand hunt for various power crossbows.

Hunting Crossbow Power:
 A common mistake and or question for most would be future crossbow hunters is trying to figure out, how much draw weight do I need for the crossbow to be powerful enough to be an effective hunting crossbow for deer hunting. Draw weight is only part of the crossbow power equation.
 Recurve Crossbows derive their power by draw weight and draw length or power-stroke, these are the lowest powered crossbows.
 Compound Crossbows derive their power by draw weight, draw length or power-stroke, wheels and or cams.
 Wheeled Compound Crossbows offer a cocking advantage for a given draw weight and slightly more power than a recurve crossbow.
 Cam Compound Crossbows offers a cocking advantage for a given draw weight and a lot more power than a recurve crossbow.

Hunting Crossbow Range:
 To hunt with a hunting crossbow it still takes hunter skill to get within range of a deer and this range is under 40 yards, not an easy feat by no means for any deer hunter.
 A hunting crossbow shoots an arrow, these arrows travel at various speeds do to crossbow power, all crossbow arrows are subject to the same forces of nature no matter what type of crossbow they are launched from, which in turn is all about trajectory of the arrow, which determines effective hunting crossbow range.

Select Crossbow Arrow Speed or Hunting Crossbow Specifications:

200 - 225 Feet Per Second Arrow Speed, Very Low Velocity.
Excalibur Crossbows: Apex.

225 - 275 Feet Per Second Arrow Speed, Low Velocity.
Barnett Crossbows: Panzer & RC-150.
Horton Crossbows: Summit HD 150.

275 - 325 Feet Per Second Arrow Speed, Medium Velocity.
Barnett Crossbows: Jackal & Wildcat C5.
Excalibur Crossbows: Axiom, Ibex, Phoenix & Vixen.
Horton Crossbows: Legacy HD 175.
Parker Crossbows: Buck Buster 150, BushWacker & Enforcer 160.
TenPoint Crossbows: Lazer HP, Titan HLX & Turbo XLT.
6 Point Crossbows: GT Mag.
Wicked Ridge Crossbows: Invader & Warrior.

325 - 375 Feet Per Second Arrow Speed, High Velocity.
Barnett Crossbows: Buck Commander, Predator, Quad 400 & Revolution.
Excalibur Crossbows: Equinox, Exocet, Exomax & Vortex.
Horton Crossbows: Legacy CS 225, Team RealTree & Vision 175.
Parker Crossbows: Buck Buster 175, Cyclone Express 175 & Tornado HP 165.
TenPoint Crossbows: Phantom CLS, Phantom CLS-S & Phantom XTRA.
6 Point Crossbows: Defender CLS & Defender Mag Combo.

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