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Crossbows: Compound, Designs, Draw Weight, History, Hunting, Modern, Recurve, & Terminology.

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 Fact: Modern hunting crossbows are of the compound or recurve archery bow design that shoot arrows that are the same as any hand-held bow's arrow.

Hunting Crossbows:
 Hunting crossbows are becoming quite popular in the United States today for the simple reason more and more states are recognizing hunting crossbows are an effective piece of archery equipment for hunting and no more, despite all the bad rumors that hunting crossbows could wipe out deer herds. The State of Ohio was an excellent long term study for this, with very long Archery seasons and still after many years of this practice of Deer management, Ohio still has many record book Buck kills to offer and still plenty of Deer to hunt.

Hunting Crossbow Range:
 To hunt with a hunting crossbow it still takes hunter skill to get within range of a deer and this range is under 40 yards, not an easy feat by no means for any deer hunter. A hunting crossbow shoots an arrow the same as a handheld bow, these arrows travel at the same speed no matter what they are launched from and all arrows are subject to the same forces of nature no matter what, which in turn is all about trajectory of the arrow, which determines hunting crossbow range.

World's Most Popular Hunting Crossbows:
 To go crossbow hunting you need a hunting crossbow, Barnett Crossbows, Excalibur Crossbows, Horton Crossbows, Parker Crossbows and Tenpoint Crossbows are the most popular in the United States for deer hunting, however these crossbow manufacturers have a very large worldwide following as well.

Early Production Barnett Hunting Crossbows:
300-Mag - 285 FPS.
Commando II C. - 260 FPS.
Commando II R. - 250 FPS.
Quad-300 - 300 FPS.
Ranger II - 220 FPS.
RC-300 - 285 FPS.
Revolution XS - 340 FPS.
Rhino R. - 235 FPS.
Rhino Classic - 260 FPS.
Rhino Quad - 285 FPS.
Rhino Sport Mag. - 320 FPS.
RX-150 - 220 FPS.
Wildcat III - 235 FPS.
Barnett Hunting Crossbows, 2010 models.
Buck Commander - 365 FPS.
Jackal - 315 FPS.
Panzer - 245 FPS.
Predator - 375 FPS.
Quad 400 - 345 FPS.
RC-150 - 260 FPS.
Revolution - 345 FPS.
Wildcat C5 - 320 FPS.
Excalibur Hunting Crossbows, 2010 models.
Apex - 220 FPS.
Axiom - 305 FPS.
Equinox - 350 FPS.
Exocet - 330 FPS.
Exomax - 350 FPS.
Ibex - 305 FPS.
Phoenix - 305 FPS.
Vixen - 285 FPS.
Vortex - 330 FPS.
Horton Hunting Crossbows, 2010 models.
Legacy HD 175 - 312 FPS.
Legacy CS 225 - 350 FPS.
Summit HD 150 - 260 FPS.
Team RealTree - 325 FPS.
Vision 175 - 325 FPS.
Parker Hunting Crossbows, 2010 models.
Buck Buster 150 - 315 FPS.
Buck Buster 175 - 330 FPS.
BushWacker - 285 FPS.
Cyclone 175 - 340 FPS.
Enforcer 160 - 300 FPS.
Tornado HP - 330 FPS.
TenPoint Hunting Crossbows, 2010 models.
Lazer HP - 313 FPS.
Phantom CLS - 343 FPS.
Phantom CLS-S - 343 FPS.
Phantom XTRA - 343 FPS.
Titan HLX - 300 FPS.
Turbo XLT - 315 FPS.
6 Point
Defender CLS - 330 FPS.
Defender Mag Combo Variable
GT Flex Variable
GT Mag - 307 FPS.
Pro Slider Variable
Wicked Ridge
Invader - 305 FPS.
Warrior - 285 FPS.

The World's Easiest To Use Hunting Crossbow:
 The Barnett Wildcat C5 hunting crossbow offers 300 f.p.s. with a 400 grain arrow and has internally built system for adding a crank to cock system for crossbow hunters that can be mounted for either right or left handed shooters making it a top choice for crossbow hunters even if you have a handicap that limits your use of a crossbow.

Hunting Crossbow Requirements:
 Common hunting crossbows are accurate, recurve or compound horizontally mounted bows on a stock, equipped with decent sights, shooting arrows made of various materials with reasonable velocity and trajectory to 30 yards and usually tipped with broadheads of adequate energy and accuracy, all without to much objectionable arrow drop.

Hunting Crossbow Draw Weight:
 A common mistake and or question for most would be future crossbow hunters is trying to figure out, how much draw weight do I need for the crossbow to be an effective hunting crossbow for deer hunting. It's all about arrow energy not draw weight to have an effective hunting crossbow.

The World's Most Powerful Hunting Crossbow:
 The Barnett Predator is a very powerful hunting crossbow that is very accurate, with that said it is still only a 40 yard hunting crossbow, with even the most ideal conditions and its accuracy level good for a hundred yards you would be pushing it a bit for a sixty yard shot on any game animal, under ideal conditions.
 The Barnett Predator launches a 453 Grain Arrrow at 369 Feet Per Second, developing 137 Foot Pounds Of Arrow Energy, which by the way is enough hunting arrow energy to stop an elephant in its tracks, however it does shoot fairly flat out to 40 Yards for a deer hunting crossbow.

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