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How To Properly Mount A Crossbow Scope:
 A precisely mounted crossbow scope sight generally improves a crossbow hunters efforts in gaining the true accuracy potential of their crossbow by adding some magnification to the sight picture. With a scoped crossbow, sighting game is easier, quicker, and very precise simply because everything appears larger and closer do to magnification.

 Mounting the crossbow scope properly is critical to true accuracy, this crossbow scope mounting guide is the only one that I know of that will show you how to precisely mount your crossbow scope for extreme accuracy.

 Note: When buying rings and or mounts for your crossbow be sure of the size of the clamp mount as to whether it is standard weaver or 3/8" dovetail such as a rimfire scope.

 All Barnett crossbows use 3/8" dovetail mounting.

 Note: Bushnell makes a good Rimfire Riflescope that the parallax is adjusted for 50 yards that is a 1" tube x 32mm for good light gathering capabilities and comes with the rings that will bolt right up to the Barnett crossbows under $50.00. (Bushnell #762243)

Mounting A Bushnell 4x32 Scope On A Barnett Wildcat C5 Crossbow:
 We will start from scratch here, a brand new Barnett Wildcat C5 crossbow and a Bushnell #762243 4x32 scope. A very good crossbow hunting rig.

 Now lets mount the scope the right way to achieve its full accuracy potential.

 Note: If you follow this scope mounting procedure exactly it will be impossible to cant the scope.

1. Mount the crossbow in a padded vise as far away from a wall opposing the bow end of the crossbow, the farther away the better.

2. Now take a level and lay it on the arrow flight rail or were the arrow rests on the crossbow, horizontally. Level the crossbow out in the vise and lock it down.

3. Attach the scope rings, make sure the scope will lay down into the rings without them moving when you go to tighten the scope into the rings.

4. Check to make sure that your crossbow is still level in the vise and then set the scope in the rings.

5. On the opposing wall away from the crossbow draw a horizontal line, again using a level to insure that the line is level horizontally.

6. Mount the scope on the crossbow making sure that the crossbow flight rail is still level, align the scope so that the horizontal crosswire in the scope is matched to your horizontal line on your wall that is level also and tighten down the scope.

7. The reason for mounting your crossbow scope this way is quite simple, once you have aligned the horizontal crosswire in the scope to the flight rail in which the arrow rests on the crossbow, the vertical crosswire once the crossbow is sighted in will remain in the exact center of the arrow at all distances as long as you hold the crossbow level for each shot you take, therefore increasing the accuracy of your crossbow at all ranges.

8. If you have done everything correctly, you have just mounted the scope to all the exact tolerances that have been machined into all the scope and mount components. Everything to its true and exact mechanical center point.

9. Your crossbow scope is now properly mounted on your crossbow and is range ready for a true accurate sight-in.

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