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Crossbow Manufacturers: Barnett, Excalibur, Horton, Parker & Tenpoint.
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Crossbows: Compound, Designs, Draw Weight, History, Hunting, Modern, Recurve, & Terminology.

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 Fact: Modern hunting crossbows are of the compound or recurve archery bow design that shoot arrows that are the same as any hand-held bow's arrow.

Crossbows Description:
Crossbows: History Brief, Specifications & .
 Crossbows are a variation on the general bow design. Instead of the limbs being held vertically, they are mounted horizontally on a stock much like that of a rifle.
 The limb design can either be Compound or a Recurve with several different stock Design features, but the basic concept of firing is the same. The string is pulled back locked into place. The string remains in this locked position, held soley through mechanical means until the energy stored in its limbs is released by a trigger mechanism, which launches the bolt or arrow.
 Crossbows have a much shorter draw length than bows. This means that for the same energy to be imparted to the arrow (or bolt) crossbows have a much higher Draw Weight and will usually require some kind of cocking apperatus to overcome the extra resistance of much stronger bow limbs.

Crossbows History:
 Crossbows of the historical past were invented because they could be kept cocked and ready to shoot for some time with little effort, allowing military crossbowmen to aim better, of the time crossbows had crude sights and at the same time the first sighting systems were created to compensate trajectories.
 The disadvantage of crossbows is the greater weight and clumsiness compared to a bow, as well as the slower rate of fire and the lower efficiency of the acceleration system.
 Some of the arrow-like projectiles of ancient crossbows are called bolts. These are much shorter than arrows, but will be several times heavier. Bolts typically have three fletches, commonly seen on arrows and can be fitted with a variety of arrowheads. Modern crossbows, hunting crossbows, all shoot crossbow arrows.
 Crossbows have had vast improvements made too them over the last 10-20 years in the speed and accuracy departments, here is a look at some earlier model crossbows specifications.

Early Production Barnett Hunting Crossbows:
300-Mag - 285 FPS.
Commando II C. - 260 FPS.
Commando II R. - 250 FPS.
Quad-300 - 300 FPS.
Ranger II - 220 FPS.
RC-300 - 285 FPS.
Revolution XS - 340 FPS.
Rhino R. - 235 FPS.
Rhino Classic - 260 FPS.
Rhino Quad - 285 FPS.
Rhino Sport Mag. - 320 FPS.
RX-150 - 220 FPS.
Wildcat III - 235 FPS.

2010 Crossbow Models, Overviews & Specifications:

Barnett Crossbows, 2010 models.
Buck Commander - 365 FPS.
Jackal - 315 FPS.
Panzer - 245 FPS.
Predator - 375 FPS.
Quad 400 - 345 FPS.
RC-150 - 260 FPS.
Revolution - 345 FPS.
Wildcat C5 - 320 FPS.
Excalibur Crossbows, 2010 models.
Apex - 220 FPS.
Axiom - 305 FPS.
Equinox - 350 FPS.
Exocet - 330 FPS.
Exomax - 350 FPS.
Ibex - 305 FPS.
Phoenix - 305 FPS.
Vixen - 285 FPS.
Vortex - 330 FPS.
Horton Crossbows, 2010 models.
Legacy HD 175 - 312 FPS.
Legacy CS 225 - 350 FPS.
Summit HD 150 - 260 FPS.
Team RealTree - 325 FPS.
Vision 175 - 325 FPS.
Parker Crossbows, 2010 models.
Buck Buster 150 - 315 FPS.
Buck Buster 175 - 330 FPS.
BushWacker - 285 FPS.
Cyclone 175 - 340 FPS.
Enforcer 160 - 300 FPS.
Tornado HP - 330 FPS.
TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, 2010 models.
Lazer HP - 313 FPS.
Phantom CLS - 343 FPS.
Phantom CLS-S - 343 FPS.
Phantom XTRA - 343 FPS.
Titan HLX - 300 FPS.
Turbo XLT - 315 FPS.
6 Point
Defender CLS - 330 FPS.
Defender Mag Combo Variable
GT Flex Variable
GT Mag - 307 FPS.
Pro Slider Variable
Wicked Ridge
Invader - 305 FPS.
Warrior - 285 FPS.

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