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Crossbow Maintenance and Tuning:
 Crossbow maintenance and tuning are very important factors when trying to maintain crossbow accuracy. Something as simple as 1 loose screw can destroy your crossbows accuracy, so here is a basic guide to crossbow tuning.

Crossbow Maintenance:
 1. Thoroughly check for warn, loosened, damaged, or missing parts every time you use your crossbow.
 2. Replace frayed or worn strings and cables, inspect the center serving on the string carefully looking for signs of extreme wear.
 3. If excessive wear exists, it is a good idea to change the string and cables at the same time since they will all stretch over time, decreasing the crossbows performance.
 4. Lubricate the flight track or rail, also known as the barrel, while shooting according to the crossbow manufacturers recommendations.
 5. Wax the length of the crossbow string (except for the serving) and the cables according to the crossbow manufacturers recommendations.
 6. All crossbows vibrate so make sure screws havenít worked their way loose through vibration. Always be careful not to overtighten screws and create a problem that you can not fix.

Crossbow String And Cable Replacement Aid:
Turnbuckle Compound Crossbow Press can compress strung crossbows up to 200 lbs of draw weight with axle to axle lengths of 21 to 30 inches.
1. Back the limb bolts off a safe amount.
2. Turn the turnbuckle in the direction that opens the pulling arms until the pulling arm with the chain clears the handle.
3. Adjust the length of the chain so the "T" ends fit snugly between the yokes of the bow limbs or the brackets fit snugly over the ends of the limbs.
4. Lengthen the chain by two or three links.
5. Turn the turnbuckle in the direction that closes the pulling arms lining up the end of the pulling arm to pass through the handle until the limbs are compressed sufficiently to remove the string and cable.
6. Turn the turnbuckle in the direction that opens the pulling arms until all of the tension is off the limbs. Remove old cable and string, then replace with new.

Crossbow Braced Height and Adjustment:
 What is braced height?
 Braced height is the distance between braced bowstring and belly side of riser, measured from the bowstring's center. In other words if you were to put a mark on the side of the flight track where the crossbow string is at rest you will notice over time that the string will slowly creep forward, this is normal as a new crossbow string slowly stretches and settles.
 Tell-Tale Signs Of Braced Height Problems:
 Your crossbow arrows will start impacting the target higher or lower than its previous years settings as the arrow velocity changes from string stretch. In some cases the velocity will be lower and some the velocity will be higher.
 Crossbow Braced Height Adjustment:
 Simply put, replace the string. With proper maintenance of the string and crossbow, the string should last a minimum of 150 shots, most will last well beyond that, to give years of service with only proper maintenance. Proper maintenance includes applying lubricant to the area where the string touches the flight track and keeping the flight track surface area free of all debris while shooting.

Crossbow Tiller and Adjustment:
 What is tiller?
 Tiller is the balance between the two limbs on the crossbow, both identical or nearly identical in pull weight and pull length.
 Tell-Tale Signs Of Tiller Problems:
 Your crossbow arrow will have wear marks on the arrow shaft from the groove in the flight track. Heavier marks on either shaft side will be an indication of tiller adjustment needs and this is even more evident on the rear or nock end of the arrow. Important Note: However this can also be a sign of you cocking your crossbow incorrectly as well. Both of these problems are evident when shooting your crossbow and your arrows are scattered left and right on the target.
 How To Correctly Measure Tiller:
 Measure from the point where the limb meets the prod housing back to the string. Do this on each side of the prod housing. If the measurement is not equal then the crossbow is out of till.
 Compound Crossbow Tiller Adjustment:
 Most compound crossbows have a tiller adjustment bolt on each of the limbs and correction is as simple as turning a bolt in or out to correct the tiller adjustment, further allowing extremely fine tuning of the crossbow.
 Recurve Crossbow Tiller Adjustment:
 Most recurve crossbows have but one recourse of action to correct severe tiller adjusment and that is to replace the limbs of the crossbow as a matched set.

If You Have Not Gained Accuracy Yet:
 These next three pages will certainly identify your crossbow accuracy problem, Broadhead Accuracy, Maintenance & Tuning and Accurate Scope Mounting.

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