Crossbows: Compound, Designs, Directory, Draw Weight, History, Hunting, Modern, Recurve, Reviews & Terminology.
Crossbow Manufacturers: Barnett, Excalibur, Horton, Parker & Tenpoint.
Power and Range: 200-225 FPS., 225-275 FPS., 275-325 FPS. & 325-375 FPS..
Crossbows: Compound, Designs, Draw Weight, History, Hunting, Modern, Recurve, & Terminology.

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Crossbow terms and terminology.
  • Arbalist - Latin language term for crossbow.
  • Armbrust - German language term for crossbow.
  • Arrow - A projectile having a straight thin shaft with a pointed head at one end and often flight-stabilizing vanes at the other, meant to be shot from a bow.
  • Bastard String - String to brace a crossbow for installation of bowstring; synonym for bracing string.
  • Bolt - Short heavy projectile for crossbow resembling arrow
    (several times heavier than a arrow).
  • Bowstring - String used on all archery weapons to transfer energy from bow to projectile.
  • Braced Height - Distance between braced bowstring and belly side of riser, measured from the bowstring's center.
  • Butt - Rearmost portion of crossbow stock.
  • Center Shot - Bow or crossbow lath designed so that the arrow/bolt passes through its center; center-shot crossbows often have two separate limbs.
  • Cock - To draw bowstring from braced position to latched position.
  • Cocking Lugs - Metal protruberances on crossbow for anchoring bending lever, cranequin or goat's foot.
  • Cocking Peg - Peg required to set some crossbow trigger mechanisms prior to cocking.
  • Cocking Ring - Metal ring bound to the front of the lath to anchor bending lever.
  • Cockscombing - Method of serving sometimes used on loops of crossbow bowstrings.
  • Composite - Combination of materials used to construct lath including horn, wood, sinew and baleen.
  • Compound - Modern lath construction using cables and eccentric pulleys.
  • Cord And Pulley - Cocking aid consisting of cord with ends attached to crossbow butt and user's belt running through a pulley attached to bowstring; provides mechanical advantage of 2:1.
  • Crossbow - Archery weapon consisting of a lath mounted to a rigid stock.
  • Dry Fire - To release cocked bowstring without projectile.
  • End Loop - Loops at either end of bowstring.
  • EndCap / Flatnock - Protective cap to protect rear of bolt; similar to arrow nock, but not forked.
  • Goat's Foot - Two-piece hinged cocking lever designed to pull bowstring from behind latch (curved shape of lever vaguely resembles goats leg); provides mechanical advantage of about 5:1, varying with lever length.
  • Handbow - Term used to distinguish hand- held bow from crossbow.
  • Latch - Mechanism for holding crossbow bowstring in cocked position, and for releasing bowstring when trigger is pulled.
  • Lath - Bow portion of a crossbow storing energy for propelling projectile; term preferred by some archery historians; not common among modern crossbowmen.
  • Limb - Portion of lath to right or left of center
  • Nock - Forked protective cap on rear of bolt; usually necessary with trackless crossbows to keep bolt in contact with string. Notches at each end of bow or lath to accept string are also called nocks.
  • Nose - Forward end of crossbow; sometimes used to refer to assembly attaching lath to stock.
  • Nut - Cylindrical latch usually made of ivory or antler.
  • Power Stroke - Distance between braced and cocked string positions as measured along track.
  • Prod - Bow portion of crossbow.
  • Quarrel - Bolt with four-sided head; often used as synonym for bolt.
  • Quiver - Container for carrying arrows or bolts.
  • Riser - Thick, non-bending center section of bow or lath.
  • Safety - Mechanical device, usually in the form of a button or lever, used to prevent crossbow from shooting unintentionally.
  • Serving - Wrapping of thread used to protect the center and loops of bowstrings.
  • Set Trigger - Trigger which may be set to release under very light pressure; 'hair trigger'.
  • Sled - Guide attached to the centre of crossbow bowstring to lessen string wear and insure exact centering of the string when cocking.
  • Spanner - General term for any device used to cock crossbows.
  • Spanning - Physical act of cocking a crossbow.
  • String Loop - Loop bound to center of some crossbow bowstrings to engage latch.
  • Stirrup - Device for holding the crossbow with feet while cocking; usually 'D' or 'T' shaped, sometimes made from webbing or rope.
  • Stock - Portion of the crossbow to which all other components are attached and by which it is held.
  • Track - Grooved portion of the crossbow between the lath and latch where the bolt rides.
  • Trackless - Crossbow with an bolt rest in front instead of a full-length groove; forked nocks usually necessary to maintain contact between bolt and string.

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