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Crossbows: Compound, Designs, Draw Weight, History, Hunting, Modern, Recurve, & Terminology.

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 Fact: Modern hunting crossbows are of the compound or recurve archery bow design that shoot arrows that are the same as any hand-held bow's arrow.

Modern Crossbows:
 In the year 2010 we find the crossbow making way for hunters to use a crossbow as archery equipment in many states in the United States and rightfully so, as these crossbows all shoot arrows not bolts as previous centuries use of the crossbow when it was used primarily as a weapon of warfare.

 The use of an arrow in a crossbow limits its ranging qualities due to the fact there is not enough substantial weight in the arrow to carry it long distances. However the use of a high quality arrow does increase the accuracy of the crossbow substantially, especially carbon crossbow arrows.

 Crossbows of the 21st century are far superior in materials and craftsmanship than ever before in history. Todays modern crossbow has superior laminated limbs, composite materials used for stocks are more stable, the use of steel and aluminum parts for wear factor, cnc precision machined parts, all of which adds up to a superior built crossbow.

 When you factor in all these advantages there are still factors that are inherit to modern crossbows that make them inaccurate though.
 1. There is no exact nocking point.
 2. There is no leveling device to keep the crossbow perfectly horizontal for shot to shot consistancy.
 3. Crossbow arrows are short thus harder to stabilize in flight.

 1. For the modern crossbow to shoot accurately, it has to have an exact nocking point. Some of the remedies for establishing an exact nocking point are:
 a. Simply mark the crossbow string so you may visually see that you have the string positioned correctly each time you cock the crossbow.
 b. Use a rope cocking device that not only reduces the effort required to cock the crossbow it will also draw the crossbow string perfectly every time when used correctly.
 c. Use a crank cocking device as it will cock the crossbow accurately as well.

 2. For the modern crossbow to shoot accurately, it has to be held and fired perfectly horizontal. There is only one way to do this with precision and that is to use a level either on the crossbow itself or attached to a crossbow sight. Any canting of the crossbow will cause the arrows to go left and or right.

 3. For the modern crossbow to shoot accurately, arrow length is a critical factor, simply put, short crossbow arrows are hard to control, their flight can be erratic. The remedy for this is simple, when buying a crossbow today, buy one that shoots a fairly long crossbow arrow, 20 inch long is good, 22 inch long is better.

 The modern crossbow sports one other advantage never seen before in history and that is the development of the compound crossbow. The advantage here is simple, more stored energy, ability to achieve higher velocites at a lower draw weight of the crossbow itself.

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