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Crossbow Deer Hunting / The Post-Rut Stage.

 During the post-rut, bucks have now lost some 30 to 40 percent of their weight from all the physical exertion of the pre-rut and the rut itself. Large dominant bucks will still look to mate receptive females in their area.

 Their keen senses for dangerous predators returns as they are not as focused on locating females which makes them more aware of their surroundings. Its time to change tactics again of which there are a couple that will work.

  Look for groups of doe's, after all the main madness ends of the full blown rut the doe's will group together and there will usually be one or two that will come into season again, dominant bucks know this so there is usually one that will tend those doe's and will be hanging around waiting for this to occur.

 Trying to stalk within crossbow range to get a shot at a once again very alert dominant buck can be difficult.

 Find the current feeding area's.

 The second tactic is quite simple and that is revert back to your early season tactics as the bucks need lots of nutrition now after losing so much mass weight they need food, high protein food at that.

 There are four factors for deer, food, cover, terrain and structure.

 Knowing what the deer eat and when that food is available to them, and how they use the terrain, cover and structure to travel to and from these areas lets you choose stand locations that will produce late season post-rut deer.

 Regardless of where you hunt there are certain foods deer prefer besides corn, clover and alfalfa.

 These are their preferred woodland food sources. It is your job to learn what these food sources are where you hunt and then figure out at what time during the late deer season these foods are available to the deer.

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